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Army has evacuated the Kudiyiruppu Camp

The Army has evacuated the Kudiyiruppu Camp which was in the hands of the army for the past 26 years.

The camp which belonged to the Vanni security headquarters contributed immensely to provide security to the Sinhala and Tamil people during the war.

Vavuniya District Secretary Rohana Pushpakumara said the army has taken steps to hand over the building where the camp had been set up to the Vavuniya district secretary. This building which belonged to Vavuniya district secretary had been entrusted to the army 26 years ago to set up the camp.

Meanwhile Army Commander Lieutenant General Crishantha de Silva said that there was no decision to remove any Army camp in the North.

“No decision has been taken to remove Army camps in the North and there is no truth behind this claim,” he said.

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