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2017 September is critical to Unity Government

Minister and SLFP media spokesman Dilan Perera said that SLFP Central Committee (CC) is expected to review the performance of the government in September next year and decide whether to remain further in the unity government or leave if not satisfied.

A lot of water had passed under the bridge since the formation of the UNP – SLFP led unity government since the August 2015 general election with plenty of consensus, disagreements, debates, brickbats and acrimony, he said.

“The term of office of the unity government is scheduled to expire in September 2017 after the completion of two years according to the agreement between the UNP and the SLFP signed in September 2015 after the August general election. But there is an unwritten agreement between the General Secretaries of both parties, Ministers Kabir Hashim and Duminda Dissanayaka to run for the entire term of five years. That is why we expect to review the performance of the unity government since its formation and take a decision on the fate of the unity government in next September,” he added.

“First and foremost, we were able to prevent the extension of the term of office of controversial governor of the Central Bank, Arjuna Mahendran who was allegedly involved in the bond scam in February 2015. Secondly, the SLFP in the government is also responsible for the series of reforms introduced to the Budget 2016 including the increase of VAT revenue threshold of small scale traders to Rs. 100,000 from proposed Rs. 33,000. Thirdly, the SLFP will never agree to create a super minister despite the UNP attempts through the proposed Development (Special Provisions) Bill,” Minister said.

“Members of the joint opposition ask us whether we remain in the government with clothes on. I like to tell them that we prevented the unity government from going disarray and taking anti-people steps whether in nude or with clothes on. We are proud as SLFPers for such people friendly measure taken by the unity government on our intervention,” he further said.

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