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Polythene ban would come into effect today

Chairman of the Central Environment Authority (CEA), Prot Lal Dharmasiri said that polythene ban would come into effect today (01), as a measure of preserving the environment.

“This would be decided by a Court of law,” he added.

The CEA attributed the reasons for the ban to the negative environmental impact generated by the manufacture of high density polythene.

“The resultant environmental damage due to Improper waste management has given rise to pressing issues. This includes the outbreak of the dengue epidemic, the CEA claimed.

According to the CEA, currently there is a daily usage of 15 million shopping bags and 20 million lunch sheets.

Meanwhile Head of Department of Forestry and Environment Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Dr. Prasanthi Gunawardena noted that the correct implementation of this ban would generate positive results.

“This includes introduction of proper alternatives, along with the ban on Polythene. If no alternatives are suggested this would give rise to illegal use of polythene,” she said.

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