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Non Communicable Diseases become an epidemic

Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) President Prof. Chandri­ka Wijeyaratne around four million people need to take various medi­cines for a long time, sometimes for a lifetime, for Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Addressing a media seminar held at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday. she said NCDs has become an epidemic and some people have a misconception on some medica­tions such as Metformin which is not prescribed for diabetes patients with kidney problems. People mistakenly believe that Metformin causes kidney prob­lems.

Prof. Gita Fernando said under the current law, no pharmacist can issue antibiotics to a patient without a prescription but it hap­ pens often all over the country. Sometimes pharmacists issue the wrong antibiotic for the sickness. Some doctors prescribe antibiot­ics even for viruses which is wrong. This creates antibiotic resistance in people.

Doctors should not get agitated when patients question about the drugs they prescribe and the doctors need to educate their patients on the drugs, Prof. Fernando said.


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