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Kandy high­way will be commis­sioned by 2020

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that construction project of the Kandy high­way, which con­sists of four phases, is in pro­gress now, will be commis­sioned by 2020.

The Prime Minister made these remarks while presiding over the opening ceremony of the newly established Police Station in Mawathagama on Saturday.

He also said the first phase of the construction from Kadawa­tha to Kossinna is being car­ried out by a Chinese company while the second phase from Kossinna to Pothuhera is being carried out by local construc­tors.

The third phase from Pothuhera to Galagedara has been undertaken by a Japanese construction company while the fourth phase has been undertaken by an Indian con­struction company, the Prime Minister said.

“The former Government didn’t allocate funds for the project but only for the opening ceremony. As a result of that, the project had been stagnating for years”, he said.

The local constructors, who engage in the construction of the second phase, will be able to enter the international con­struction arena once they com­plete the project, the Prime Minister said.


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