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Government target to double the country’s tourism revenues by 2020

Tourism Development Authority Chairman Kavan Ratnayaka said the government had set a target to double the country’s tourism revenues and employment opportunities by 2020, and added that  the government expects to earn Rs.7 billion while creating 600,000 jobs in three years.

Addressing the World Tourism Day event in Colombo yesterday, he said the government had developed Tourism Vision document looking forward to 2025, and an action-oriented Tourism Strategic Plan 2017-2020, for the next three and a half years.

“These visions and plans were developed not just by government agencies, but with complete stakeholder involvement. To execute this plan, the Tourism Development Authority needed support and commitment from many parties,” he pointed out.

“At least 20 different government agencies will have to work collaboratively to deliver the plan. It’s going to be a lot of work, a lot of patience and also a lot of fun! To lead us we have a focused and fun loving Minister and a highly rated Ministry Secretary. And a key and able partner is going to be the Chairman of the Tourism Promotions Bureau,” he added.

“It is estimated that this year 2017 more than 2.5 million people will leave their home countries and come to Sri Lanka to follow their dream of visiting an interesting and exciting destination.”

“A majority of these tourists will return to their homes with an enriched understanding of our people and with fond memories that will bind us to them for the rest of their lives. They will be ambassadors for Sri Lanka and promote us at every turn. Twenty years from now a Sri Lankan travelling through China or a Sri Lankan doing business in Africa will benefit from the relationships being built today through tourism. There is no way to truly quantify and estimate the power of this industry.”

“The leaders of the government want sus­tainable employment with higher skills and better salaries for our people. They want us to bring back our people who work in other countries by paying them competitive salaries.” he further said.


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