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SL looking to regain its maritime glory

State Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene said that Sri Lanka blessed with a geo strategic location is looking to regain its maritime glory in the Indian Ocean by promoting trade and tourism.

Addressing the 8th GalleDialogue hosted by Sri Lanka Navy in yesterday  held at Galle Face Hotel he explained that as the Indo- Asia Pacific region is fast becoming the centre of gravity in world affairs, it was likely that Sri Lanka, at the centre of it all stood much to gain through maritime cooperation.

“The maritime domain and its affairs today have become one of the crucial factors that have the ability to decide and influence the present as well as future affairs to a greater extent”, he said.

“Principal conditions affecting Sea Power of nations were primarily their geographical position, their size and extent of coastline; the quantity of their sea-borne trade and the threat to it; maritime ambitions of their neighbours; and finally the number and determination of their population and the understanding and resolve of their leaders and government”, he added.


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